Kushti Wrestling

I went to India this year with a good friend, on the mission to find the ancient art of Kushti Wrestling. The project proved to be not as simple as expected. It was difficult to find and gather the number of wrestlers we wanted. Eventually we were lucky to get some great morning light and a couple of guys to show us how it works.

We arrived at 7am to be greeted by the mother of the ring who was doing her morning prays. She took us over to the owner, her husband who we found busy making the morning energy drink (crushed almonds) for all the men coming to work out . Slowly the wrestlers arrived and each began their own warm up exercises, one lad prepared the dirt in the ring. Then they all gather for a blessing and pray on the ring and themselves before fighting.

Our contacts father was given the Wrestling ring photographed, by the British over 60 years ago, the British loved the sport so much they build it for his father to keep the sport alive for many years to come.

I shot all these images on my Hasselblad with a digital back.